Thursday, February 19, 2009

2nd Feb 2009 - Jan & Feb babies celebration

Back in KL, today was suppose to be a public hols.. replacement of wilayah day.. here in JB, we got to work & it's so monday blue.. bt it's a day tht to be looked fwd to :p our colleagues r going to celebrate feb babies + 1 jan baby bday together.. it wasnt a big celebration bt warmth :) hardly we can gather most of the colleagues together.. everyone in diff department, busy with diff things.. even we hav diff lunch time.. so nice to see everyone..

poser girls on the left!!

bday girls!

everyone who was there (choonsen, zhiyang, cheeyen, yanjing, feiwun, kimyen, leeyin, yokdai, chansee, waimeng, khangwern, shirlene, leefern, jening, peifen & me)

~ bday girls + the ladies ~

~ bday girls + the gentlemen ~

make a wish..

i love the background...

buddy -> hsemate -> colleague
thx for celebrating for the past years! u nv missed one, since the day we met :)

cari-cari makan buddy..

JenIng is going off for night shift.. tak sampai hati wan let her go..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

14th feb 2009 - Valentine's 2009

Wishing all couples HAPPY VALENTINE & to those who r still single,enjoy ur freedom & day! may u found someone destinated :)

I spent my valentine with a troupe of dancers - from SevenSense & Yegam Theater Production Company.

BREAKOUT - The Extreme Dance Comedy! @ Esplanade Theater, Spore..

Esplanade On Valentine..

I think this show was shown back in KL in 2008, bt i was still UK.. I'm v glad to be given another chance to watch this spectacular, sweet & sweaty performance! The choreography was very creative & well blended with powerful break dancing moves.. Love all the stunts - shoulder spins, straight arm balances, all were so breathtaking.. also some locking & popping movements! Besides, they also have a good DJ doing beat-boxing throughout the show!

The story begins in the prison. 5 prisoners - tricky, funny & adorable (i couldnt stop laughing till tears for the 1st 10-15 mins..) They broke out of the prison one day. Out in the world, they experience ups & downs, grew strong brotherhood.. their freedom is so brief, only to be pursued by the guard shortly after, everywhere.. In the end, however, they have to face the reality of almost being caught again.. It's within the last 5 min tht their friendship & humanism is potrayed by the B-boy's extreme body movements..