Friday, January 23, 2009

HAPPY CNY 2009!! ~~moo~~ :D

XinHui wishing all my friends HAPPY CHINESE moo moo YEAR 2009! this year, i'm sorry for not sending out any CNY cards as the past.. hehe.. just too busy with work liao.. sorry loh! :D i dont even have long holidays haha.. gona start work on 3rd day of CNY liao.. but then, hope it will be a prosperous year ahead!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

eclipses in 2009!

got to know dis very cool news fr a fren - kev..

an eclipse is going to be on 26th Jan 2009, which falls on 1st day of CNY @ 16:30 MYT!! check out dis website for more info.. apparently, it is one of the longest duration eclipse & there will be 2 eclipses in year 2009!

HOHO!! come on everyone!! get ur sun glasses ready!! :D

Thursday, January 8, 2009


The Happiest People In The World Are Not Those Who Have No Problems,

But Those Who Learn To Live With Things That Are Less Than Perfect...

Monday, January 5, 2009

1st Jan 2009 - Surprise from my dear friends!

Yeah! Just to share some pics.. I was working night shift on new year eve.. sad right?.. haha but I'm seriously *TOUCHED* when the few of them just dashed in through the A&E door tht night shouting: "SURPRISE!!!!" wow!! yes, it's past 00:00am.. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!! haha i was just about to grumble to Kak B (Assistant who worked with me tht night) coz no one is free to choi me on MSN!! everyone went countdown, party etc!! then there they came!! woohoo.. so sweet of them.. :D i'm not alone!

They then went searching for some food.. too bad, the bakery shop was closed.. left with a kedai runcit thingy.. Let's IMPROVISE gals!! came back with Vitagen, muffins & mandarin oranges!
Cheers!! starting off 2009 with a healthy life! haha.. may everyone in their v best of health (aka less workload for us too..) haha..

mandarin oranges = prosperity!

SAY arrghhh....


Friday, January 2, 2009

Ho Chi Minh 3

Place of interest: One of the famous (forgotten name) temple & Mekong River

Local fruits served...

asked to take pic wit SSNAKE!!!!!

Lunch served...2 hours journey back to city then went ChinaTown then head back to hotel for rest.. tired day.. then dinner served..

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ho Chi Minh 2

Heading to Cu Chi Tunnel today.. It is well known for its revolutionary victory vs US in Vietnam War.. The tunnel sys is deeply underground, with several floors, different function rooms & windings ways more than 200km long which can accomodate Vietnamese

at that time & prepare for battle.. Many tourist came here to witness the intelligence of Vietnamese in revolutionary..

sis going into one of d tunnel :p just nice to fit one person n NO MORE!
in fact, it was designed to be only fit to Vietnamese/ asian (i added)..
broad shoulder westerners will have difficulties getting in there..

daddy disappearing!

re-apprearing at the other tunnel!

me checking out this tunnel.. the entrances are at each side..
very very small that u have to crawl!

one-day guerilla!

ant hives (ok, i know there is a more proper word for tht.. i could think of it..)
this is where the hole at the bottom, let air from outside entering into the tunnel..
no one will suspect as it's just a ant hives!

covering dried leaves on the ground.. it's chimney where smokes & fumes from kitchen can be released to outside..
this makes the smokes that come out will stay close to the ground, forming sth like mist..
where US army cant differentiate it's smoke (indicating there are lifes down there, or just ordinary mist..)

rice paper making!

going to explore the tunnel! a local guide to guide us through.. daddy go 1st, followed by youngest sis, mummy, younger sis then me! hehe..

just enough for us.. at some point where it's so narrow that one has to slide down the tunnel.. duck walking is super tiring!!

coming out.. getting fresh air finally!

we made it through 2 levels! (there were oni 3 levels :p 3rd level, travel at ur own risk.. nt guided.. haha)

black chequers scarf for women heroin!

at war museum!

so cruel!!

meeting up with daddy high sch friend - uncle lim for dinner.. he is now working in vietnam.. earning US dollar OK!! haha..

the ladies of the house!

twins?! hehe.. we are 6 years apart :p

old buddies!

city hall

Also visited: Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica, Ben Thanh Market, Saigon Central Post Office, War Remnants Museumt