Monday, August 24, 2009

The Accuracy of Death/ Sweet Rain 死亡的精度

i actually came across a pic on a fren's profile & found - Takeshi Kaneshiro :p

fr the title of the movie, it sounds a bit scary to me.. so not paying much attention to it... bt last week, when i went back kl & stroll ard in Kinokuniya KLCC - i then realise wow, it was one of the recommended reading material! hehe as usual, i dun update myself on wht book is nice bla bla bla.. i oni read "best sellers", "recommemded reading" etc.. pick up a copy, sitting down at one of the corner & start reading :)

the storyline kinda catch my attention.. it's nt sth tht i expecting to be horror.. i actually sat there reading for 2 hrs plus.. (missed those days where i always hang about in kinokuniya KLCC or Border Time Square)

bt i hav to head back to jb after tht.. so i googled up dis movie last night :D i highly recommending dis movie to all :)

the plots are kinda twist & turn.. need to do some thinking.. hehe.. at first sight, i tot it was separated into 3 separated story, bt once u reach the ending, u wil realise it's all linked together :D it could be boring & aimless at some point, be patient.. everything comes in a purpose :)

Takeshi Kaneshiro as a grim reaper whom will appear in life the going-to-die person, investigate & to decide whether to pass or not.. he has a black dog, crows & always rainy dy (nv sunny) followed him on his mission.. he learnt tht life & death is not simple after all..

*Argghhh~~~ nt good at describing!!!!!!!!!!! go & hav a look on ur own! :p definitely worth watching!.. hehe*


SOOOO long since i update :) haha it has been awhile.. coming to about 4 mths tht i didnt update my blog, bt i dun think anyone does miss it.. hehe..

it's just to slow to wait for my internet connection in jb to load.. so.. sien...... drop the thought of blogging dy.. bt i just watched a worth watching movie last night :) - The Accuracy of Death & would like to share it..

& i gona start blogging in reverse mode again :p haha