Tuesday, September 30, 2008

15th June 2008 - Bath & Salisbury

Bath - the city of romance..

Roman bath: England's only mineral hotspring

& Bath Abbey

Pulteney Bridge & Weir: one of the only four bridges in the world with shops across it..

there are also many these cutes little pigs around the town..

piggy look..

Took a guided tour from bath to salisbury for stonehenge.. passing by a few villages..

in one of the village, house behind us appeared in Harry Potter Movie I, can u recall? seriously i cant.. it was where Harry's biological parents lived..

Stonehenge is one of d most outstanding pre-historic monument in B'tish isles.

cloudy, windy, cold

Missed: Royal Crescent

Sunday, September 28, 2008


自命中注定我爱你之后, 牵牛花开的日子是现在我最看好的一部连续剧. 它的宣传好象不多, 我也是在偶然下发现. 它与其他偶像剧很不一样, 非常生活化的一部戏, 也非常深入我心, 很感动. 才看了不到两集, 我已哭得不想人样. 一集比一集好看, 看完, 真的会迫不及待希望可以看续集.

戏中, 四为同母异父的小孩, 在穷困, 破碎的家庭中长大. 在没有爱与安全感下学会了自立, 坚强及互相扶持. 看似他们很可怜, 但家的温馨是跑不掉的. 犹如牵牛花, 也在恶劣的环境中, 寻找生存的机会, 不放过任何小缝, 继续加油往上攀, 开出更美的花朵.

我也好久没有跟吴奇隆的戏了. 他在这部戏里, 帅! 很有男人味! 戏中, 每位演员都是实力派. 其中, 汪政伟令我刮目相看. 希望戏迷们都可以好好支持这部戏 :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

27th Sept 2008 - my posting letter arrived

hoh! after long wait, my official posting letter arrived safely.. *sweat* was super stress & worried for d past few days coz xinyin, huiming, jingmein & others all gt their posting letter on thurs liao.. oni mine havnt arrived.. i tot there might b some changes wit it.. luckily, johor postman working on sat!! hehe.. now, there r plenty of forms to b filled up then wait for 3rd oct to report myself & see which hospital am i going to serve for.. next week, gona shop for working cloths liao (erm, nt so looking fwd coz it got to be so super duper formal boring cloths..) somehow, hehe admire those office girls.. hmm......

i will definitely miss kl, my home & frens.. so if u guys r free or passing by johor.. CALL ME! :D

oh yea, many of my other clsmates were v pissed off wit KKM liao.. they promised them a posting then next day, they said there will still b changes & their posting nt confirmed.. *sad* another mth to wait.. i know d feeling of waiting & waiting.. u can just lost urself.. yet, it can b a good news for those who didnt gt their prefered posting bt bad for those to want to start working asap..

anyway, all d best to everyone & happi raya/ holiday in adv..

* when i c carefully, oni i realise, they direct me as "Puan Lim Xin Hui" in d letter!!! ~!@#$%^&* En osmon! wht r u doing?!! I'M SINGLE & AVAILABLE!

14th June 2008 - Manchester

Plan for today, going to manchester by train - one day trip (x recommending, super rush).. dis was a v last min plan.. it took me about 3-4 hrs to reach, cnt really rmb.. to make d journey nt so boring, playing cards came to play it role! haha.. today, meeting some of hl & tracy's frens, mostly fr KDU & mostly lawyers.. d must visit plc, of course is MUFC! went museum & merchandise store as well.. 2 guys really TAK sakit hati to buy jersy!

d ladies..

peter schmeichel - d best goal keeper, they said.. i know nth bout football.. haha

liping & i

hmm i duno y both of them intended to face d camera wit d back.. coz wana show off his jersy?.. :p

guess whose name is nt d board.. :D

resting myself in player's resting room.. couldnt get hold of d seat beckham used to sit.. nvm..

lovely ppl..

marching out! just lik d players do :) *proud*

becoming d visiting team.. too many ppl kaka-caucau at d home team's stand.. haha (as expected)

time passed really fast! by d time we fini, it's almost 5pm liao.. manchester dim sum is v famous for it's resonable price & of course sedap dimakan.. which we didnt hav d time to try it :( hehe bt hl & tracy did brought me to one of d bristol's famous dim sum another day.. *satisfied* :D TQ buddies!

Friday, September 26, 2008

13th June 2008 - Bristol

After leaving Prague, I went to Bristol - where hl is studying.. havnt pay him a visit after one year being here at UK.. nonetheless he nv pay me visit also :p Both him & Tracy will b my tour guide :) They brought me to suspension bridge & walked around bristol city.. free & easy :)

d suspension bridge in Bristol

alright, hav no idea wht r we doing.. *sweat*

apparently, many suicidal cases here at suspension bridge, so authority decided to post up dis notification.. counselling service provided.. haha.. (if i were to suicide, y bother to call up for counselling?)

had ice cream on a cool windy day!

view of Bristol city fr suspension bridge

University of Bristol behind us

erm.. i was told dis is a churc. here is where hl & tracy going to hav their graduation in Nov 08

boat ride

Brunel's ss Great Britain

we r tiny..

posing wit some costumes provided for try in d museum.. erm, was suppose to look lik some b'tish lady or wht so ever..

They then brought me to a v famous chinese restaurants.. food r really nice! or.. did i miss msian chinese food at tht time?..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

clsmates everywhere - future pharmacist

FMI: - random dao..!!
- biro: xinyin, suann khoo, voonyuen, edmund, liping, akmal
- UMMC: peiyuen, jingwerne, chueyee, siuann, esther, yiwern, shirlyn
- HUKM: anson, eunice, wenjing, sumiin
- HKL: luyi, kahyee
- sgor: shuning, weeyeaw
- sultan aminah, JB: chansee, eelynn, sumay, jingmein, qristine, suajian, me
- sultan ibrahim, JB: huihoon, khahong
- muar: huiming, angeline, phekjoo, suilin
- batu pahat: peiling, peifong
- ipoh: paikling
- termeloh: alicia, chingyee, meifong, jessycca, suyi
- n. sembilan: phuayfhern, cheekuan
- kelantan: suann eng, darren, kahyie, joanne, joey
- kedah: pavi, chiachia, huikoon
- swk: suechoo, mingying, weimeng, heesheong
- sandakan: yihjing

The allocation is sooo random.. really pity those who didnt got any of their choice..if u r appaealing, good luck! All d best to everyone.. it's going to b a busy busy year ahead! lots to learn & live to serve d ppl.. JIA YOU!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

11th & 12th June 2008 - Prague (3)

On d 3rd day, we r going to explore somewhere further fr d city - Kutna Hora. Took a train there bt d journey last for 3 hours! The train was v interesting coz it's sth tht is v similar to d Hogwart's train! cubicles on one side of d train & a v narrow alley for walking.. hehe.. Upon arriving, straight we headed for Bone Church (our main destination of d day).

on d train.. in our own cubicles! :p random poses

d Bone Church

wht's behind me?...

d whole church is really "decorated" wit REAL bones..

OK my limit! for getting this close!

Next, we hired a taxi which brought us to town center. Visited St Barbara cathedral. Then we had our lunch at an v old restaurant, recommended by d taxi drive at bout 2pm. D food was really good bt d service was a little bad. Not oni took d wrong order (well oni one order went wrong la) & slow.. after lunch, we rushed for 3pm train.. there is oni 2 train service in one day! OMG..

St barbara cathedral

Nice restaurant is always hidden in small alley..

i can oni rmb dis dish.. hehe.. EMPEROR salad!

one of d fountain outside d restaurant..

haha random on d street..

while waiting for d train..

ok.. chansee was suppose to b d vampire while chueyee & i shud b "frightened".. bt duno y r we both so happy?..

Well, i hav covered most part of prague by now.. duno wht to do in d evening.. haha.. so we had 2nd trip to Charles Bridge!.. for more pics & better quality pics.. coz it isnt getting dark yet.. :)

wht r we doing? haha there is this statue on d bridge, where everyone believes when u touch it, u hav better luck! & d part tht being "touched" is gold..

souvenirs being sold at d market near our hostel.. hehe u proly can guess wht's famous for prague! PUPPET!

We didnt had dinner for d day since we had a super late lunch.. so we headed for desserts! Yahoo! BUT!! ppl r not frenly in prague.. there is this customer who bought a cone of ice cream wit bf.. they asked if they can sit in.. guess wht.. they DONT allow! WTH! as for us, they even hesitate for 6 of us to share 3 diff flavour of cakes.. later on, some more questioned us on our drinks fr our own water bottle! celaka betul! sweet also bcum bitter liao.. haih..

Next day, chansee, chueyee, wenjing left v early in d morning to catch d flight back to glasgow.. left wit hl, tracy & me to lepak until later of d day for flight to bristol.. Visited this Jewish Cemetery.. pretty big place & wit lots of museum.. too bad we werent in d mood to admire or coz we know little bout their history..