Saturday, March 28, 2009

28th mac 2009 - support EARTH HOUR 2009

yep, i oni came to know about this activity last year in glasgow :) was v happy & gladful tht the earth is still available for me to live in.. let's turn off the lights @ 8:30-9:30pm tonight!! let the earth take a break.. i did it wit my family.. lighting just candles in the living room, n hav a small chat.. silent bt peaceful night.. i hope many of u out there r doing the same for the earth as well..


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

7th feb 2009 - 23rd bday celebration

simple celebration with my family.. actually, i ady dont feel lik celebrating bday at dis age.. haha.. celebration means I'M A YEAR OLDER again!!

still remembering last year, i was v glad to hav my ji muis celebrating bday wit me in glasgow :) was a v warmth one.. they actually stayed up late night, then senyap senyap made me a cake! v sweet of them! THX gals once again!! it was one of the best day i had!

searching through my pics album.. wana share some pics here :D

home-baked by my ji muis!
yes, it's 00:00 on 7th feb 2008.. can see everyone still in their pyjamas + specs + sleepy eyes :)

Next day, it's 1st day of CNY aka my bday :p it's also the 1st CNY tht i'm nt celebrating wit my family.. we organised a CNY celebration, inviting our lecturers & coursemates.. big gathering! most of us dressed in cheongsam especially girls & others in red..

Then it was v lovely for my ji muis to eat out on the 8th for me.. we had dinner @ ichiban! if it wasnt for occasion tht we share, we care.. v seldom we will eat out :)

in conjunction wit CNY 2008 - "lou sang" wit ramen.. haha
gong xi fa chai
hong bao na lai
ok, back to 2009.. as usual, dinner wit family... haha.. as most of u can guess, it wont b at any big restaurant or wht.. daddy will still go for organic :) went to our usual weekend dinner plc.. dis is one of the best vegetarian & proper organic restaurant tht i can find in spore - bridge road.. & u would not belief, even my bday cake is ORGANIC! haha..



-minced meat noodle-

cousin sis + cousin-bro-in-law from aussie..

my sis + my nephew fr aussie & me!

*daddy mummy & sis, i might not have enough time with u guys, i might not be the best daughter or good sis, bt i do love u all always!*

Sunday, March 1, 2009

6th feb 2009 - CNY bbq night @ shirlene hse

Coming to the end on CNY 2009 - my colleagues & i celebrated early chap goh meh at shirlene hse, BBQ.. it was pretty lucky tht it didnt rain tht night.. a few of us - waimeng, cheeyen, chansee, leefern & i sacrificed our long lunch break, went to shirlene hse to start BBQ preparation..

After work at 5pm tht night, everyone went home to change cloths, bath etc then back to shirlene hse continue with starting up the fire..

finally, after one hour, we saw some "sparks"... ok, ppl asked me, how 2 BB on the floor?! ans: saw the bricks?.. it's for us to put a layer of dawai on top of it - inovative ppl!
i think it went off again... haih.. guys! add oil le..!!

shirlene's neighbour pity us, & lend us their BBQ pit.. so much proper.. haha..

yet, the guys still didnt manage to blast the fire! here come our hero! neighbourhood uncle + electric fan!

food! -sausages, chicken wings, potatoes salad, fried beehon, sambal prawn, satay, choco bananas, agar-agar antioxidants & many more-

wrapping up our sambal prawn!

ppl to be credit: chansee, jo & i.. we did all the shopping & most of the preparation the night b4.. it's tiring, esp after one day of hectic work schedule.. bt we r happy to see everyone appreciates & enjoy the day.. worth!

hohoho.. pretty lady pharmacists in HSAJB

everyone is sending JenIng off.. poor girl, had night shift tht day..

yanjing & i

ppl in red! *gong xi gong xi*

-choonsen, waimeng, dr ng, ms chong, leeyin, jingmein & i-

the black + misc colour

-chansee, jo, shirlene, suzjian, qris, kimyen, leefern, yanjing, zhiyang, peifen, cheeyen, mintien & kelvin-

the IMUs -mpharm + bpharm-

the USMs, UMs, UKMs

shirlene & i *who's hand is tht!!* anyway, happy moo moo year :D

jojo & i

leefern the bday girl!

oh both of us got bday present! surprise fr a few of them :D

the girls! :D

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 girls, one more & he can bcum "wai siew po" dy..

kimyen, khangwern & i

zhiyang & i

cheeyen & i

peifen & i

cleaning time!

ended the day with dis few ppl, trying to find the water hose..

great day! hope we will hav more gathering.. get the mind out of work!